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Pickleball Net Set

Pickleball Net on Wheels

DURABLE BUT LIGHTWEIGHT: This outdoor pickleball net on wheels has been designed to create an “At Home” rolling, regulation size, adjustable tension pickleball system.
Product Description

Pickleball Net on Wheels

1. Product Introduction of Pickleball Net on Wheels

DURABLE BUT LIGHTWEIGHT: This outdoor pickleball net on wheels has been designed to create an “At Home” rolling, regulation size, adjustable tension pickleball system. This portable pickleball net is made of high-quality aluminum. This aluminum is used because it is sturdy, lightweight, & completely weather resistant, which makes for a perfect outdoor pickleball net system.


RUST PROOF: This portable outdoor rolling net system is completely rust proof. The entire portable frame is made of aluminum and contains stainless steel hardware, meaning that it is corrosion resistant and provides for an entire water resistant portable pickleball net on wheels. This outdoor portable pickleball net on wheels is perfect for outdoor play because it’s completely waterproof. After the easy assembly, the net is regulation length, regulation height, and can be adjusted to have preferred tension


EASY STORE OR ROLL-AWAY: Frame breaks down into sections that fit in a carryable bag. The net is easy to assemble, install, & when finished playing, easy to store. The portable pickleball net on wheels that allows the frame to be rolled on/off the driveway or court. These wheels can be locked in place to prevent movement while playing. It makes it easy to roll the net onto the court, have a match, then simply roll the system away or break it down & put it in the bag.


QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY: Due to the simplicity of this portable pickleball net design, this rolling portable pickleball net on wheels can be set up or taken down in less than two minutes. Each aluminum rust proof section breaks down to fit in a carryable bag that can be carried, or rolled away like a suitcase. Then to assemble this portable net, simply slide each section into the next and within minutes, you’ll be playing pickleball on the best “bang for your buck” portable pickleball net on the market.


PERFECT FOR FAMILY FUN OR A COMPETITIVE MATCH: This rolling pickleball portable net on wheels is designed to create the ultimate competitive pickleball experience whether it’s on a court, driveway, street, or in a park. Whether you’re looking for a portable net for your family, or looking for a competition regulation net, this is the best portable pickleball net. The ease of rolling this portable pickleball net system allows you to create a competitive pickleball feeling on your court or driveway.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of Pickleball Net on Wheels


Net Material

Poles Material

Paddle & Pickleballs

22 feet wide, 36 inches high at the ends, and 34 inches in the middle

crafted with robust 6-ply PE knotless tightly woven

high-quality aluminum

We can add as your request


3.Product Feature And Application of Pickleball Net on Wheels

The Portable Pickleball Net On Wheels has a frame that is made of aluminum. Aluminum is corrosion resistant meaning that it is completely rust proof. It is made of high quality 6061 T6 Aluminum which is the same material used in the aircraft, automotive, and watercraft industries. Having a pickleball net system that is rust proof improves the aesthetics, mobility, and strength. All while still maintaining the rigidity that you want in a portable pickleball net.


Pickleball Net on Wheels


Second, aluminum is lighter than steel making it much easier to move. Many people ask if it's less sturdy because it's lighter weight.

Lastly, it just looks better. You will be proud to have in front of your house or on your court. This portable pickleball net has a brushed aluminum finish making it much better looking than a steel framed pickleball net.


Pickleball Net on Wheels


4. Product Details of Pickleball Net on Wheels

Regulation Length Pickleball Net

Our portable pickleball net on wheels follows USAPA length regulations. The netting allows additional clearance at the bottom so that pickleballs can be rolled underneath without any trouble. The top strap is wider for better visibility when hitting your volleys. The Dominator Net follows USAPA guidelines and is 22 ft wide, rising to a 36" height at the sides and 34" in the middle. The Portable Pickleball System Net is a great investment that will make playing pickleball more enjoyable thanks to its high quality construction and speedy setup.


Pickleball Net on Wheels

Wheels Lock Into Place

The wheels lock into place. The portable net becomes permanent. Then, when you're done playing, unlock the wheels, and you have a portable net again. The Pickleball Net has been designed to create the most realistic pickleball match experience. Take your net to a tennis court, driveway, pickleball court, etc., so you can improve your game anywhere!


Pickleball Net on Wheels


5.Product Qualification of Pickleball Set with Net Wheels

SUAN sports is focused on sports & leisure lifestyles. We aim to accompany your happy hours with a series of fashional and professional products, which are of good quality meanwhile budget-friendly.

Our pickleball net on wheels consider every micro need from new starters to professional players, no matter in outdoor sports fields, clubs or communities.


Pickleball Net on Wheels


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of Pickleball Net on Wheels

Custom Packaging

Suan Sports pack our pickleball net on wheels in brown mail box or customized your design gift box, we take care of everything in order to have a safety transportation. Free sample will make for your confirmation before proceed bulk production.


Pickleball Net on Wheels


After production and packing, final inspection in our factory is highly welcome. As we have confidence at our products quality.


Pickleball Net on Wheels

Pickleball Net

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